Sandy, a 55-year-old, 195lbs, 5’10”, female expressed an interest in losing 35-40lbs and adopting a healthier lifestyle, after her physical fitness level had prevented her from joining her family on a trip to Machu Picchu, hiking the Inca Trail. Sandy was intimidated by traditional gyms and did not want to sacrifice her social life of sharing cocktails with friends. She achieved the 35lbs weight loss goal in sixteen weeks through an evolving flexible nutrition plan and group fitness classes, to keep workouts fresh and fun.


Whitney, a 30-year-old, 200lbs, 5’3”, female had a goal to lose 90lbs for her upcoming wedding. She was looking for a weekly fitness program that would keep her engaged while fitting into her demanding schedule as a doctor, as well as a nutrition plan that would allow her to eat food that she enjoyed. I customized a program specific to Whitney, and checked in on her regularly, as she had binge eating tendencies that are usually triggered emotionally. Together we were able to set small milestones through monthly measurements and weigh-ins, and tailor the program as needed to get her to her goal weight. To date, she has lost 60lbs and is on track to reach her dream wedding weight.


Lara, a 48-year-old, 170lbs, 5’7”, female had a desire to learn more about a nutrition and fitness program that would get her in the shape of her younger active friends and improve her long-term health. I designed a nutrition plan that had specific macronutrient goals that could keep her eating as clean as possible while still enjoying a social lifestyle. I specifically wanted to ensure Lara’s hormones were in a good place and support her with a well-balanced diet to assist with her hormonal health. I designed weekly group workouts for Lara and a few other women with various goals and abilities that allowed them to challenge themselves physically while being in a social, fun environment. Not only has Lara lost 35lbs, but she has greatly changed her lifestyle to prioritize health and fitness – and is feeling her best.


Serena, a 17-year-old, 145lbs, 5’6”, female high school senior reached out with the goal of improving her body image before entering college. Serena has the added challenge of living in a house that regularly prepares high-calorie ethnic foods. Serena set a goal of losing 30lbs and 12 inches from her waist (the body area that she was most consciences about). I compiled a flexible nutrition plan which allows her to still enjoy her active high-school social schedule and family meals; as well as a mix of personal training sessions that would target her waist and tailored cardio workouts that burn a high number of calories. Over the initial 12 weeks, Serena has lost 20lbs and over 10 inches from her waist.


Erica, a 31-year-old, 145lbs, 5’4”, female expressed an interest in improving her fitness as she was having trouble keeping up with her two-year-old son and being self-conscious of her appearance prevented her from wearing shorts. Through a tailored nutrition and fitness program, Erica is down 18 inches, has lost 23lbs, and has improved muscle composition. She has recently committed herself to additional goals as she looks to take the next step in her fitness and nutrition journey.


Steve, a 30-year-old, 225lbs, 5’11”, male expressed an interest in following his medical team’s recommendation to lose weight after recovering from multiple knee surgeries, additionally Steve wanted to tone and build lean muscle mass to improve his image and self-esteem. Through a sustainable nutrition plan and three times a week personal training program – Steve has lost 35lbs and is working to lose another 10lbs while adding lean muscle mass.