I am a NASM certified personal trainer, coaching clients with a variety of health goals in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I find working with my clients to help them achieve their goals to be rewarding endeavor.  My fitness and nutrition program is more of a way of life than a diet or short-term fitness fix. My goal is to teach you a new way of eating and exercising so you can maintain it long-term with or without me. And have some fun along the way!

Growing up I was active in sports. I was introduced to “low fat” eating and dieting at a young age, and later developed an eating disorder that left me feeling emotionally low and unsatisfied with the way my body looked and felt. For the next several years I focused my efforts on long cardio sessions in the gym and what I thought was healthy eating through an extremely low fat/low calorie diet. This left me more insecure and unhappy with all of the time I was putting into being “healthy.”

Over the past five years I have dedicated myself to studying the science behind what makes diet and exercise plans successful. I’ve also recently had my first child, and I am excited to share what I’ve learned about fitness and nutrition through pregnancy and postpartum with other women. Although, nutritional and fitness programs are endless, one simple truth remains…calories burned less the calories consumed equals the net calories lost.  I launched COMMIT Fitness & Nutrition after helping several others help achieve positive transformations in their lives and finding it as rewarding as working on my own journey.  We focus on a strength-based program to build muscle that incorporates shorts bursts of high intensity interval training (HITT) to burn calories. With an equal emphasis on a nutrition plan focused on calorie and nutrient goals which encourage flexibility. My clients are often amazed by how important the nutrition component is in achieving their goals. 

Are you ready to commit to hard work and discipline?

Let’s get started!